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Thursday, September 14 2017

Fitness Headlines

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1 This Woman Coped With the Loss of Her Stillborn Son in the Most Beautiful Way source cosmopolitan.com comment
2 Police Release New Details on the Investigation Into Kenneka Jenkins's Death source cosmopolitan.com comment
3 Level Up: 10 Things Every Girl Needs to Slay at Yoga source cosmopolitan.com comment
4 This Teen Cancer Survivor Ran a Half Marathon Wearing a Cinderella Dress For a Moving Reason source cosmopolitan.com comment
5 Jeremy Buendia and George Brown Go HeadtoHead source flexonline.com comment
6 WATCH Shawn Ray Recaps The Olympia 2017 Press Conference source generationiron.com comment
7 Common Gym Pet Peeves source shape.com comment
8 Downey Declines Diabetes—and Bariatric Surgery source journal.crossfit.com comment
9 Amateur Olympia Bikini source muscle-insider.com comment
10 Check Out Whos Representing the USA at the World Weightlifting Championships source barbend.com comment
11 Phil Heath At Olympia 2017 Press Conference Kai Greene Doesnt Matter Right Now source generationiron.com comment
12 The Future of Yoga Where Maty Ezraty Thinks Yoga Needs to Go source yogajournal.com comment
13 Luxury Fitness Wellness Retreats source shape.com comment
14 2017 Olympia Press Conference Highlights Phil, Dexter, Ramy source flexonline.com comment
15 The 20minute stair workout to light up your legs source mensfitness.com comment
16 Wodapalooza Releases First Week of Workouts for Online Challenge source thebarbellspin.com comment
17 WATCH CT Fletcher Talks Near Death Experience And State of Health source generationiron.com comment
18 From a quarterton to a quarter horse How a 500pound man lost weight, found himself, and finished an Ironman source mensfitness.com comment
19 7 most dazzling photos of Meghan Markle source mensfitness.com comment
20 WATCH Joe Weider Biopic Bigger Announced At Olympia 2017 Press Conference source generationiron.com comment
21 The Future of Yoga 3 Things Modern Postural Yoga Could Do Better source yogajournal.com comment
22 World AntiDoping Agency Clears 95 of the 96 Russian Athletes They Were Reviewing source barbend.com comment
23 17 Ways to Break Through a Stubborn Squat Plateau source barbend.com comment
24 WATCH Shawn Rhoden Claims Olympia Progress Pics Mean Nothing source generationiron.com comment
25 Researchers discover another reason why olive oil can keep weight off source mensfitness.com comment
26 Brent Fikowski My Experience of The 2017 CrossFit Games Day 2 source boxrox.com comment
27 This Or That Olympia Battle Dexter Jackson Vs Shawn Rhoden source generationiron.com comment
28 Watch Jennifer Lawrence takes on Jimmy Fallon in axethrowing competition source mensfitness.com comment
29 Quebec City Canada Travel Fitness Experiences Things To Do source shape.com comment
30 15 ways to win at life source mensfitness.com comment
31 Bacon and pesto turkey burgers source mensfitness.com comment
32 Recent Study Shows How Yoga May AgeProof the Brain source yogajournal.com comment
33 Creamy chipotle sirloin pizza source mensfitness.com comment
34 Watch Jennifer Lawrence plays a lethal temptress in sexy 'Red Sparrow' trailer source mensfitness.com comment
35 Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are expecting baby no.2 source mensfitness.com comment
36 14 Super Probiotic Recipes to Realign Your Gut source marksdailyapple.com comment
37 Katrin Davidsdottirs Sister is Ripped source thebarbellspin.com comment
38 This Is the Secret to Robin Wrightrsquos SuperToned Arms source health.com comment
39 Beef and black bean chili with roasted orange peppers source mensfitness.com comment
40 Is It Okay to Bounce Out of Your Squats source barbend.com comment
41 Chicken enchilada skillet source mensfitness.com comment
42 Testing Compression Legwear for Athletes source breakingmuscle.com comment
43 Testing Compression Legwear for Athletes source breakingmuscle.com comment
44 Olympia 2017 The Rocks Production Company Talks To Modern Competitors About The Evolution Of Bodybuilding source generationiron.com comment
45 Carrie Underwood Fitbit Fitness Accessory source shape.com comment
46 Lacee Kovacs Completes 1000 Ring Muscle Ups for Time source boxrox.com comment
47 Tone Up With This SevenMinute FullBody Workout From Kayla Itsines source health.com comment
48 Olympia 2017 Flex Lewis Trains At Lift Factory To Get Extra Motivation From Dallas McCarver Mural source generationiron.com comment
49 Dr. Robert Lustig Takes On Obamacare, and the GOP Replacements source therussells.crossfit.com comment
50 3D Printing and the Future of Artificial Bones source breakingmuscle.com comment
51 3D Printing and the Future of Artificial Bones source breakingmuscle.com comment
52 Have You Joined the Keto Reset Facebook Group source marksdailyapple.com comment
53 4 Benefits of Inverted Rows source barbend.com comment
54 Subversive Fitness Day 193 of 360 source breakingmuscle.com comment
55 Subversive Fitness Day 193 of 360 source breakingmuscle.com comment
56 Train like a Champion Barbell Workout from Sara Sigmundsdottir source boxrox.com comment
58 Mr. Olympia Athlete Meeting 2017 Olympia source flexonline.com comment
59 212 Olympia Athlete Meeting 2017 Olympia source flexonline.com comment
60 Benefits Calm Restorative Workouts source shape.com comment
61 Why Age Is Only a Number source breakingmuscle.com comment
62 Why Age Is Only a Number source breakingmuscle.com comment
63 Playground Workouts and Getting Fit Like a Kid source breakingmuscle.com comment
64 Playground Workouts and Getting Fit Like a Kid source breakingmuscle.com comment
65 Seven Great Ways To Be a Balanced Super Mum source kalimukti.com comment
66 Navigating the First Personal Training Session with a New Client source nfpt.com comment
67 WEIGHTLIFTING TIPS 3 Great Drills to Warm Up Your Snatch source boxrox.com comment
68 Dozens Hospitalized After Discovering Satire Applies to Them source theoverheardpress.com comment
69 Safe Assumptions in an Unsafe World source breakingmuscle.com comment
70 Safe Assumptions in an Unsafe World source breakingmuscle.com comment
71 Tip: Fine Tune Your Glute Training source t-nation.com comment
72 The Most Efficient Warm-Ups, Period source t-nation.com comment
73 Tip: Everything Works, But Only For So Long source t-nation.com comment
74 CrossFit Games Athlete Was Pregnant Whilst She Competed at The CrossFit Games source boxrox.com comment
75 WATCH Mr. Olympia 2017 Forecast Analysis By Shawn Ray source fitnessvolt.com comment
76 WATCH Men Of The Olympia The Evolution of the Male Physique By Seven Bucks Productions source fitnessvolt.com comment
77 WATCH The Epic Women Of The Olympia Teaser By Seven Bucks Productions source fitnessvolt.com comment
78 2017 Mr. Olympia Athlete Meeting Phil Heath source flexonline.com comment
79 2017 Mr. Olympia Athlete Meeting Shawn Rhoden source flexonline.com comment
80 2017 Mr. Olympia Athlete Meeting William Bonac source flexonline.com comment
81 2017 Mr. Olympia Athlete Meeting Maxx Charles source flexonline.com comment
82 Kickboxing Powerlifter Alex Simon Squats 425kg and Wins All His Fights by Knockout source barbend.com comment
83 CrossFit WOD 170914 source journal.crossfit.com comment
84 How to Choose the Right Crossfit Gym source tierthreetactical.com comment

Instagram Headlines

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1 [@mathewfras] Awesome time collaborating with @roguefitness on this belt. Check the li... source instagram.com comment
2 [@reebokwomen] Important announcement We're into bold print leggings. Anyone else ... source instagram.com comment
3 [@brookewellss] If you haven't seen my multiple Instagram stories my bestfriend I are headed to NYC I can'... source instagram.com comment
4 [@karipearcecrossfit] Even with my extensive gymnastics background, there's always something... source instagram.com comment
5 [@sammywood26] Loved gymnastics training this morning Had a little play around with some fr... source instagram.com comment
6 [@crossfittraining] Upcoming CrossFit Specialty Workshops Striking October 8 CrossFit Lakeland Lakeland, FL October 21 Cro... source instagram.com comment
7 [@juliefoucher] TBT to a few summers ago at the ball park because the Tribe is killing it this week ... source instagram.com comment
8 [@katrintanja] M O R O C C O throwbackkkk... source instagram.com comment
9 [@crossfit] A professional motorcycle racer from Los Angeles, California, 22... source instagram.com comment
10 [@christmasabbott] Waiting for the @bournrelentless launch like...... source instagram.com comment
11 [@pvellner] Safe and sound in Switzerland Ready to take on the @swissalpinebattle with @lindybarber this weekend swiss chocolat... source instagram.com comment
12 [@crossfitgames] Meet @dianestuart32, a retired Chief of Police with 31 years of law enforcement service. Currently selfemplo... source instagram.com comment
13 [@trexpaulson] I'm a meat and potatoes kinda guy. Grass fed steak tips with grilled veggies and roasted sweet potatoes Nothing l... source instagram.com comment
14 [@reebokwomen] Motivation comes from looking at the things you want and realizing what it takes to get them. What... source instagram.com comment
15 [@crossfit] Erik and Kristal Smith just celebrated their 10year anniversary. Erik, captain of a fire department, often does CrossFit... source instagram.com comment
16 [@victoriasport] In good form the new strappy Lightweight Knockout Capri.... source instagram.com comment
17 [@suchafittykitty] What ever happened to chasing your dreams Having fun in lif... source instagram.com comment
18 [@crossfitgames] @jensmith008 Parking lot powers. Lift is good 2000 PCLJ EMOM 195200205210 Cr... source instagram.com comment
19 [@321gaux] TBT to my days at @hawaiipacificuniversity in 2006 when my fitness was running... source instagram.com comment
20 [@katrintanja] I'm back on the bar Emom x12 1 CJ w 185 starting to play around w some weight again .. it's tim... source instagram.com comment
21 [@crossfitgames] It's always for time. @danbailey9 when he was down in Texas aiding... source instagram.com comment
22 [@crossfit] We all know how powerful Rx is. Weve seen athletes bleed, vomit and pass out for... source instagram.com comment
23 [@ragerdakota] I realize that nobody has the time to spend 30 minutes every single day warming... source instagram.com comment
24 [@crossfitgames] @saxonpanchik Excited to be teaming up with @spencerpanchik for the CrossFit Team Series TeamPanchik Cr... source instagram.com comment
25 [@crossfittraining] Effective scaling at an affiliate demands an understanding of CrossFit progr... source instagram.com comment
26 [@bethanycf] If you are in the San Antonio area this Saturday I will be down at @crossfitoptimistic working the @invadercoffe... source instagram.com comment
27 [@suchafittykitty] Your social skills resemble arson @niftyshots model venice california tattoo inked fitgirl fitness fa... source instagram.com comment
28 [@anniethorisdottir] Enjoy the little things, because one day you might wake... source instagram.com comment
29 [@reebokwomen] All you have is now. Take three slow deep breaths and connect with the present moment. Yoga Meditation Yogi Be... source instagram.com comment
30 [@christmasabbott] Morning vibes What's your favorite book or magazine to read Comment below... source instagram.com comment
31 [@reason.thibaultcaro] TBT to last weekend when I switch my crossfit gear... source instagram.com comment
32 [@crossfit] via @mamimacho5 crossfit While the moms do the WOD, the kiddos practice their wall walks.... source instagram.com comment
33 [@karipearcecrossfit] What can I say Lifting make me happy Who else likes to lift things up and put them down liftweight fitnes... source instagram.com comment
34 [@bethanycf] Head down and grind 4.5 months till @thewodapalooza 5 months till the @thefittestexperience 5.5 mon... source instagram.com comment
35 [@travismfwilliams] throwbackthursday to cyclocross. Definitely took this to make me realize I am not quite as good... source instagram.com comment
36 [@sarasigmunds] tbt to the athlete dinner with this beautiful chica in Madison before the fun... source instagram.com comment
37 [@trexpaulson] Trying to shore up some swing positions earlier this week Its always good to spend some time breakin... source instagram.com comment
38 [@tiaclair1] Getting ready for the @crossfitgames Team Series with @willkearney09 this afternoon....We are of... source instagram.com comment
39 [@reeboknordics] On those chilly early morning studio sessions, slip into the Lux Legging reeboknordics CraftedBy... source instagram.com comment
40 [@cmooneycf] Great workout with the crew at @crossfitpoipu crossfit fitness workhard goodtimes... source instagram.com comment
41 [@elijahezmuhammad] Come join me, @chynacho, @cspealler @johnnymedina3 tomorrow for a morning t... source instagram.com comment
42 [@suchafittykitty] See, I be catching you staring be careful Thoug... source instagram.com comment
43 [@crossfitgames] @crossfitnicole, twotime CrossFitGames qualifier... source instagram.com comment
44 [@crossfitgames] @pvellner That Here goes nothing feeling. shouldawarmedup gulp c... source instagram.com comment
45 [@liftlikelindsey] Right before he put two rocks in his mouth . faithandfamily the... source instagram.com comment
46 [@crossfit] The future is bright @crossfitpoipu @ultimatehawaiiantrailrun crossfit @doooker... source instagram.com comment
47 [@tvinas249] Time to get them legs back ZMCF evolverx wearyourpassion americangainz virusintl dnxnation dn... source instagram.com comment
48 [@crossfitgames] @stacietovar floatin' through butterflies. CrossF... source instagram.com comment
49 [@ooohbabybeast] Some hump day strength work. Main site WOD 170127 4 Rounds For Time 20... source instagram.com comment
50 [@suchafittykitty] Unwritten. @solanophotography @americaneagle model blackandwhite curves jeans inked... source instagram.com comment
52 [@crossfit] We all have that one training partner... crossfit . . . @claudinhaemarciovei Featuring @joseluizdeoliveir... source instagram.com comment
53 [@crossfitgames] Five of @Anniethorisdottir's eight CrossFit Games appearances have resulted in a podium finish. 2017 3rd 2014... source instagram.com comment
54 [@liftlikelindsey] Together again. arseniosqaured @aval3n2uela... source instagram.com comment
55 [@crossfitaffiliates] via @risingcrossfit crossfit EB gettin... source instagram.com comment
56 [@crossfittraining] WODScale THURSDAY 170914 Front squat 5533311111 reps Focus on excellent technique for e... source instagram.com comment
57 [@crossfit] Jennifer Pimentel and her son Teva, @allkinecrossfit Workout of the Day Thursd... source instagram.com comment
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