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Wednesday, September 13 2017

Fitness Headlines

headline source domain comment
1 How to Choose the Right Crossfit Gym source tierthreetactical.com comment
2 Use Meditation to Get Out of DisembodiedHead Mode and Surrender to Your Heart source yogajournal.com comment
3 Older drivers who experience falls may be at a higher risk for car crashes source sciencedaily.com comment
4 Regular exercise, stress can both make a big difference in lupus, study finds source sciencedaily.com comment
5 5 Signs That Your Child May Be Being Bullied source onelifefitness.com comment
6 Top 10 natural anabolics for 2017 source mensfitness.com comment
7 CrossFit and Motorcycle Racing: Every Millisecond Counts source journal.crossfit.com comment
8 Rx Gone Wrong source journal.crossfit.com comment
9 Clarence Kennedy Made an Ultimate Guide to the Snatch and Clean Jerk source barbend.com comment
10 Don't panic or anything, but tattoos could actually poison you source mensfitness.com comment
11 Triple G Interview How Gennady Golovkin trained for the biggest boxing match of the year against Canelo lvarez source mensfitness.com comment
12 Thai chicken and currystuffed sweet potatoes source mensfitness.com comment
13 15 ways to lose the last 10 pounds source mensfitness.com comment
14 WATCH Shawn Rays Mens 212, Classic Physique, and Beyond Olympia 2017 Analysis source generationiron.com comment
15 2017 Mr. Olympia Preview, Episode 5 source flexonline.com comment
16 Blood, biomarker, genetic testing and poop w Ben Greenfield 277 source daily.barbellshrugged.com comment
17 Functional Bodybuilding How to Improve Movement, Performance and Aesthetics with Marcus Filly source boxrox.com comment
18 7 Ways To Quickly Improve Your Workouts And Make Massive Gains With GPLC source generationiron.com comment
19 Just one day of fatty cheat foods could mess with your insulin production source mensfitness.com comment
20 The highfat keto diet could help you live longer and sharpen your memory source mensfitness.com comment
21 Bodytech BCAA Glutamine Review Why Add Vitamin C source barbend.com comment
22 Our Favorite Fitness Features New Apple Watch Series 3 source shape.com comment
23 Top 10 Natural Anabolics for 2017 source flexonline.com comment
24 Guy Planning Double Day Shares CrossFits IntensityOverVolume Post source theoverheardpress.com comment
25 Here's a look at the insane visual effects behind that Game of Thrones dragon battle source mensfitness.com comment
26 Photos How Scott Adkins got jacked for American Assassin and Boyka Undisputed source mensfitness.com comment
27 Chicken sausage and peppers source mensfitness.com comment
28 Grilled pork tenderloin source mensfitness.com comment
29 IFBB ELITE RANKING, UPDATED source ifbb.com comment
30 Aphrodite Games 2017 Open Air Fitness Competition by The Cyprus Seaside source boxrox.com comment
31 GI SPOTLIGHT Victor Ikani Trains 7 Days Out From Amateur Olympia 2017 source generationiron.com comment
32 Coach Of Dallas McCarver Makes Ultimate Tribute To His Fallen Friend source generationiron.com comment
33 Jon Jones Fails B Sample Of Banned Substance Test Forever Tarnishing His Legacy source generationiron.com comment
34 Australia Will Host 2017 Reebok CrossFit Invitational source barbend.com comment
35 Why Am I Getting Low Ketone Readings on a Ketogenic Diet source marksdailyapple.com comment
36 Watch Boxing star Gennady Golovkin talks historymaking fight against Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez source mensfitness.com comment
37 Wodapalooza Online Challenge Begins Today source thebarbellspin.com comment
38 IFBB ELITE RANKING UPDATED source ifbb.com comment
39 The Future of Yoga 15 Millennial Yoga Teachers to Watch source yogajournal.com comment
40 Tart Cherry Supplements Don't Take to Water Kindly source breakingmuscle.com comment
41 Tart Cherry Supplements Don't Take to Water Kindly source breakingmuscle.com comment
42 OneOnOne with Legendary Journalist Peter McGough source muscle-insider.com comment
43 OneOnOne with Legendary Journalist Peter McGough source muscle-insider.com comment
44 CrossFit Invitational Headed Down Under source thebarbellspin.com comment
45 WATCH It Looks Like Fake Weights Are Making A Comeback source generationiron.com comment
46 VIDEO Behind the scenes with Jockey ambassador Remi Adeleke source mensfitness.com comment
47 Naked Yoga a Fad Or a Thing source kalimukti.com comment
48 11 Yoga Poses For Non Flexible People source kalimukti.com comment
49 Throwback to CrossFit Games Athlete Kari Pearce Competing in Bodybuilding Show source boxrox.com comment
50 Inverted Row Alternatives source barbend.com comment
51 Type 2 diabetes is a reversible condition source sciencedaily.com comment
52 Post Marathon Recovery Tips Runners source shape.com comment
53 Olympia Predictions Women's Physique source muscle-insider.com comment
54 An Extraordinary League source flexonline.com comment
55 2017 Olympia Predictions Women's physique source muscle-insider.com comment
57 Subversive Fitness Day 192 of 360 source breakingmuscle.com comment
58 Subversive Fitness Day 192 of 360 source breakingmuscle.com comment
59 Judge Ben Smiths 67kg 149 lb Weighted Pull Up Rep or No Rep source boxrox.com comment
60 Seven Bucks Productions Releases Epic Women of the Olympia Teaser source flexonline.com comment
61 CROSSFIT NEWS New Venue Revealed for The 2017 CrossFit Team Invitational Competition source boxrox.com comment
62 Top Five Marketing Strategies for Personal Trainers source nfpt.com comment
63 1 Kettlebell, 9 Workouts You Can Do Anywhere source breakingmuscle.com comment
64 WATCH Phil Heath Explains His PreOlympia Nutrition source generationiron.com comment
65 Clarence Kennedy Tutorial How to Clean and Jerk source boxrox.com comment
66 Tip: Should Your Training Program Be Balanced? source t-nation.com comment
67 Tip: Do You Really Need Olympic Lifting Shoes? source t-nation.com comment
68 6 Signs You Need to Change Exercises source t-nation.com comment
70 Jon Jones B Sample For Drug Test Comes Positive From UFC 214 source fitnessvolt.com comment
71 CrossFit WOD 170913 source journal.crossfit.com comment
72 5 Colorado Nurses Suspended For, Wait For It, Ogling a Dead Patient's Penis source cosmopolitan.com comment
73 Literally What Is Going on With This Very Phallic "Stress Relief" Toy? source cosmopolitan.com comment
74 Hero Woman Finishes 10K Stopping at Every Taco Spot Along the Route source cosmopolitan.com comment

Instagram Headlines

headline source domain comment
1 [@crossfit] I told Dan, if I had his body, I would just be out sharing it wit... source instagram.com comment
2 [@crossfit] New in the CrossFit Stuff Store The CrossFit RPM Jump Rope 3.0 Session featu... source instagram.com comment
3 [@christmasabbott] How we feel when it's bb19 night ... source instagram.com comment
4 [@crossfitgames] @RoryMckernan broke his best friend's nose. That friend... source instagram.com comment
5 [@cmooneycf] Hit a PR 3 rep max deadlift with the kids of @crossfitpoipu last night. So much fun working... source instagram.com comment
6 [@mikepalomba1] My jerk sucks Yeah...I don't care 340lbs crossfit crossfitgames cleanandjerk olymp... source instagram.com comment
7 [@suchafittykitty] Walk of Fame with @emilio.romans @tonybarnesjr.photograp... source instagram.com comment
8 [@katrintanja] @anniethorisdottir @arnhilduranna... source instagram.com comment
9 [@321gaux] I've learned so much this year Biggest Lesson is to just keep going Roadblocks are inconvenient but no... source instagram.com comment
10 [@crossfitaffiliates] via @andreamcecil Im beyond impressed ... not only with my own student body but the entire... source instagram.com comment
11 [@bethanycf] Love me some @americangainz products y'all are amazing Great product... source instagram.com comment
12 [@trexpaulson] The beltless saga continues.. Some heavier lifts felt really strong today 335 clean and je... source instagram.com comment
13 [@crossfit] Kevin Mcclean of @crossfitickenham in London, who started CrossFit in February, celebrated his first mu... source instagram.com comment
14 [@kgrahamsfb] An official @martygottlieb custom cut crop top. This guy does amazing things. Can't wait to s... source instagram.com comment
15 [@reeboknordics] Thanks for coming to Unlimit Yourself Experience tonight. You rocked un... source instagram.com comment
16 [@shutupeat] My Dear, find what you love and let it kill you. Let it drain you of your all. Let it cling to your back and weigh... source instagram.com comment
17 [@anniethorisdottir] Everything is more fun when you do it together Even Burpees can be fun greatcompany surroundy... source instagram.com comment
18 [@crossfitgames] @danbailey9 Epic weekend helping out those in need down in Houston with @tadkins04. The way all the CrossFi... source instagram.com comment
19 [@crossfitgames] @mariah.moore and @hebercannon, from the CrossFit documentary team, visit reigning Fittest Woman on E... source instagram.com comment
20 [@trexpaulson] What a glorious workout. Classic. 2 rounds 75 WBS 2014lbs 15 Muscle Ups... source instagram.com comment
21 [@elijahezmuhammad] Everyday I As Myself, How Can I Be Better Today And No Matter What Something Pops Into Mind. As I Prepare For Next Se... source instagram.com comment
22 [@crossfittraining] Another great reminder from Coach Greg Glassman. ... @crossfit @cross... source instagram.com comment
23 [@crossfitweightlifting] Elbow Turnover and Crashing in the Clean . Coach Burgener teache... source instagram.com comment
24 [@suchafittykitty] Take 2 With @tonybarnesjr.photography tattoo bootyfordays curves humpday fitgi... source instagram.com comment
25 [@crossfitgames] Sarah and Jeremymarried since 2006are CrossFit athletes of two years and one year, respec... source instagram.com comment
26 [@danihoran] The hardest part is trusting yourself to let go at the top to hit the crossbeam Two Ways... source instagram.com comment
27 [@reason.thibaultcaro] Meet my TeamSeries partner. @vigneaultalex Transformation Wednesday TeamXpn @crossfitgames... source instagram.com comment
28 [@reeboknordics] Bold. Confident. Defiant. From the styles she wears to the sweat that she drips, @ArianaGrande is constantly challenging c... source instagram.com comment
29 [@crossfit] Yes, Colleen And that tshirt via @crossfiteastredla... source instagram.com comment
30 [@reebokwomen] Repost @reebok Bold. Confident. Defiant.From the styles she wears to the sweat that she drips, @Ariana... source instagram.com comment
31 [@victoriasport] 15 tanksyour cue to STOCK UP. Exclusions apply. only.... source instagram.com comment
32 [@christmasabbott] Change your thoughts and you can change your world... source instagram.com comment
33 [@bethanycf] Some of the Lifting from yesterday's session Starting to... source instagram.com comment
34 [@tiaclair1] Life is good when your surrounded by people that make you laugh Tag your friends that are positive influences @r... source instagram.com comment
35 [@lindybarber] Got a chance to workout with some Switzerland buddies today It's so fun to travel to differe... source instagram.com comment
36 [@crossfitgames] @anniethorisdottir , 3rd 'Cause every time we touch, I get this feeling. And every ti... source instagram.com comment
37 [@suchafittykitty] Come find me @sindicatephoto @coloredwind tattoo bikini california pool summer model inked... source instagram.com comment
38 [@ooohbabybeast] Fun. Metcon. WOD. Therapy. Whatever the fuck you want to call it. Here it is. Sound on. No warm up. Work. crossf... source instagram.com comment
39 [@bethanycf] If you want a little comedic relief on this fine Tuesday night here you go lmao powercleans cleans comedy fu... source instagram.com comment
40 [@elijahezmuhammad] @liftheavyoftenasineveryday 430x2 Back Squat Play Like You Wanna Win Latanya White @paleoethi... source instagram.com comment
41 [@crossfitgames] Reigning backtoback Fittest Man on Earth @MathewFras is headed to CrossFit HQ for inter... source instagram.com comment
42 [@crossfit] Moments after CrossFit Point Break owner Justin Stidham streamed this video... source instagram.com comment
43 [@juliefoucher] I burpees You can do them anywhere, anytime. . After a late return Sunday nig... source instagram.com comment
44 [@karipearcecrossfit] Transformation Tuesday to a Physique Show that I did back in 20... source instagram.com comment
45 [@brigittegoudz] Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren't some... source instagram.com comment
46 [@crossfittraining] WODScale WEDNESDAY 070913 ... 302010 reps for time of GHD situps Toestobars Wallball shots Men use 20lb. ba... source instagram.com comment
47 [@crossfit] Miguel Angel, Acero CrossFit, Toledo, Spain Workout of the Day Wednesday 170913 302010 reps... source instagram.com comment
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