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Tuesday, September 12 2017

Fitness Headlines

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1 5 Colorado Nurses Suspended For, Wait For It, Ogling a Dead Patient's Penis source cosmopolitan.com comment
2 Hero Woman Finishes 10K Stopping at Every Taco Spot Along the Route source cosmopolitan.com comment
3 Literally What Is Going on With This Very Phallic "Stress Relief" Toy? source cosmopolitan.com comment
4 WATCH Shawn Rays Mens Open Olympia 2017 Forecast Analysis source generationiron.com comment
5 Asthma symptoms can be improved by diet and exercise in nonobese patients source sciencedaily.com comment
6 5 Ways to Progress Your Plank source breakingmuscle.com comment
7 5 Ways to Progress Your Plank source breakingmuscle.com comment
8 Get Ready for Handstands Strength and Stability source breakingmuscle.com comment
9 Get Ready for Handstands Strength and Stability source breakingmuscle.com comment
10 11 Rules for Hardgainers to Live By source breakingmuscle.com comment
11 11 Rules for Hardgainers to Live By source breakingmuscle.com comment
12 WATCH Veteran Legends Flex Wheeler And Dexter Jackson Discuss Their Olympia Prep source generationiron.com comment
13 How to Deal With the Anxiety of Not Being Able to Exercise source vitals.lifehacker.com comment
14 Bo Forbes Thinks Its Time to Start Asking Questions About This Sociological Entity We Call Yoga source yogajournal.com comment
15 Nike Romaleos 2 Vs. Nike Romaleos 3 source barbend.com comment
16 Apple debuts the Watch Series 3 alongside new heart tracking features source mensfitness.com comment
17 Only 16 Years Old and Among the Fittest in the World source breakingmuscle.com comment
18 Agility Cone Workout Improve Speed Coordination Burn Calories source shape.com comment
19 Practice Deep Listening to Change Your Stress Response Start Truly Receiving Yourself source yogajournal.com comment
20 Vibrating tech can actually help your muscles recover after hardcore exercise source mensfitness.com comment
21 Incorporating Strength Cycles into Crossfit Training The Smolov Squat Cycle source boxrox.com comment
22 Dennis Cornelius 900Pound Squat Destroys the IPF World Record in Training source barbend.com comment
23 2017 IWF Junior World Championships Had No Doping Violations source thebarbellspin.com comment
24 Straight Facts The Anabolic Mineral That Bodybuilders Keep Ignoring source generationiron.com comment
25 The 9 most fraudulent health and fitness products ever source mensfitness.com comment
26 3 surprising ways marriage can ruin your health source mensfitness.com comment
27 CrossFit Community Helps Harvey Victims source journal.crossfit.com comment
28 Liam Neeson might be done with action movies after his next two badass revenge thrillers source mensfitness.com comment
29 Check Out Zydrunas Savickas Big Z Latest Shredding Progress source barbend.com comment
30 Days Out From The Olympia Jeremy Buendia Progress Pic Showcase That He Will Be Hard To Beat source generationiron.com comment
31 Olympia Predictions Classic Physique source muscle-insider.com comment
32 2017 Olympia Predictions Classic Physique source muscle-insider.com comment
33 Eiza Gonzlez looks dropdead gorgeous sightseeing in Vancouver source mensfitness.com comment
34 Olympia Predictions Men's 212 source muscle-insider.com comment
35 Johnnie O. Jackson Makes His Preparations For His Final Olympia Show source generationiron.com comment
36 Register Now and Compete for 600K in Cash Prizes at The Dubai Fitness Championship source boxrox.com comment
37 Video Behind the scenes at Adam Levine's October 2017 cover shoot source mensfitness.com comment
38 8 Tips for Cooking Vegetables source marksdailyapple.com comment
39 Will Julius Maddox Be the Next Lifter to Join the 700 lb Bench Club source barbend.com comment
40 NFL Week 1 The top 5 moments, players, and performances in football source mensfitness.com comment
41 003 Jason Carroll source thebarbellspin.com comment
42 Why highfiber diets do not always lead to weight loss source sciencedaily.com comment
43 AMRAP Nutrition BCAA Review Are Natural BCAAs Good source barbend.com comment
44 WATCH Sergi Constance Training 10 Days Out From Olympia 2017 source generationiron.com comment
45 How Those Instagram fit Selfies May Unmask Depression source breakingmuscle.com comment
46 Your stools reveal whether you can lose weight source sciencedaily.com comment
47 New research to treat acute malnutrition source sciencedaily.com comment
48 Clarence Kennedy Tutorial How To Snatch source boxrox.com comment
49 Inverted Row Exercise Guide Exercise Video, Benefits, and Modifications source barbend.com comment
50 Subversive Fitness Day 191 of 360 source breakingmuscle.com comment
51 30 Minute Weight Lifting Workout Women source shape.com comment
52 Swiss Alpine Battle and German Throwdown Each Ban 5 Athletes for Taking PEDs source boxrox.com comment
53 Suspension Strap Lunges for Beginners source nfpt.com comment
54 WATCH Kai Greene Epic Guest Posing at 2017 Monsterzym Allstar Classic source fitnessvolt.com comment
55 Tip: The Mirror is the Ultimate Judge source t-nation.com comment
56 A Strongman's Guide to Shoulder Health source t-nation.com comment
57 Tip: A Brand New Way to Use Your Foam Roller source t-nation.com comment
58 Previously Unreleased Footage of The First Time You Tried Double Unders source boxrox.com comment
59 Go Back to School on the Basics source breakingmuscle.com comment
60 WATCH The Seven Bucks 2017 Olympia Takeover Introduction source fitnessvolt.com comment
62 Why Seva Doesnt Mean Selfless Service to Hala Khouri source yogajournal.com comment
63 CrossFit WOD 170912 source journal.crossfit.com comment
64 Ericka Hart Opens Up About Surviving Breast Cancer as a Queer Black Woman source cosmopolitan.com comment
65 This Reality Star Was Body-Shamed While in the Hospital for IBS Treatment source cosmopolitan.com comment
66 Bacterial Outbreak Linked to Petland Puppies Sickens Dozens of People source cosmopolitan.com comment
67 No One *Really* Knows What Happens When Pregnant Women Drink Just a Little source cosmopolitan.com comment
68 YouTubers Sentenced to 5 Years Probation After Video of Them Making Their Kids Cry Went Viral source cosmopolitan.com comment

Instagram Headlines

headline source domain comment
1 [@crossfitgames] Get Director of the CrossFit Games @theDaveCastro's take on new changes to the CrossFitTeamSeries and hear insights on wha... source instagram.com comment
2 [@kgrahamsfb] About last night... kcco keepcalm chiveon chivette flbp... source instagram.com comment
3 [@suchafittykitty] Look at me dead in the eyes, tell me you ain't in l... source instagram.com comment
4 [@tiaclair1] OMGAUSTRALIAIT'S OUR TURN TO HOST THE WORLD SO GET YOUR TICKETS NO... source instagram.com comment
5 [@christmasabbott] Selfconfidence is the best outfit. Rock it and OWN itthe amazing @dominikacuda... source instagram.com comment
6 [@crossfitgames] The 2017 Reebok CrossFit Invitational will be held at 4 p.m. A... source instagram.com comment
7 [@ooohbabybeast] Some ring work, last set of my 3x5reps conventional double overhand no belt deads at 225lbs then some hill sprints af... source instagram.com comment
8 [@cmooneycf] Making new friends and having a blast. The @ultimatehawaiiantrailrun this... source instagram.com comment
9 [@logancollins3] Glad I have some good buds to train with, thanks @gril... source instagram.com comment
10 [@crossfit] The run is the heart and soul of what makes our program possible and its our root. Every walk of life, wo... source instagram.com comment
11 [@danihoran] We went on a trail run today and got lost in the woods It ended up turning into a two hour run whoops it... source instagram.com comment
12 [@bethanycf] Baby front squats and power cleans to keep this knee safe for now. Yesterday's @blackmagictraining... source instagram.com comment
13 [@beastitlikebecca] I mean if you didn't, did you even get whooped bro pans belts spatulas hairbrush ... source instagram.com comment
14 [@laurenfisher] The COMPEX is a must have for anyone looking to recover faster and build s... source instagram.com comment
15 [@trexpaulson] Great bunch of upper body core accessory today Never, ever forget your pump work... 5 rounds OH 'Bamboo' Holds... source instagram.com comment
16 [@crossfitgames] @jgreenewod Ready to rock roll with Lil Sim @ellsimmo93 C... source instagram.com comment
17 [@victoriasport] From workout to wherever . Shop @romeestrijds look via link in bio... source instagram.com comment
18 [@reebokwomen] You know what they say When life gets tough, put on your boxing gloves your best outfit. Fi... source instagram.com comment
19 [@crossfit] @cfscottsvalley Burpees with a baby. Yeah it's a thing. burpeesandba... source instagram.com comment
20 [@crossfit] Partner deadlifts thestruggleisreal @crossfit330 Have you found your partner for the... source instagram.com comment
21 [@crossfitgames] I started out as a powerlifter. Made Elite in three weight classes. Switched to bodybuilding in early '... source instagram.com comment
22 [@victoriasport] Ultimate motivation a sport bra pant for 55 total. A 119 value. Exclusions apply. onl... source instagram.com comment
23 [@beastitlikebecca] Well...on this night I bought 57 worth of Taco Bell and ate all of it. @brookedahook @chr... source instagram.com comment
24 [@crossfit] @jakobinaj 31weekspregnant almost 38weekspregnant @elinjons doing a 30 min EMOM this morning grandi101 crossfitgrand... source instagram.com comment
25 [@travismfwilliams] As much as I'd rather be hitting a metcon... the lifting still has to get done. Especiall... source instagram.com comment
26 [@crossfittraining] The methodology that drives CrossFit is entirely... source instagram.com comment
27 [@mathewfras] An epic day in MN with @themodernsportsmanonline ATV ridingrolling, shooting and fishing... saw a wh... source instagram.com comment
28 [@pvellner] That Here goes nothing feeling. shouldawarmedup gulp crossfitsheeran blackandwhitethereforeart c... source instagram.com comment
29 [@suchafittykitty] Pool fun with @sindicatephoto model bikini summer california inker ismygirl tattoo fitgirl fitness fitne... source instagram.com comment
30 [@crossfitgames] @apbozman DREAMTEAM. See you in the Team Series. @crossfitgames @rorymckernan CrossFitTeamSeries. Learn... source instagram.com comment
31 [@katrintanja] Rest seconds counting down liiiiike @aerobiccapacity @hinshaw363... source instagram.com comment
32 [@trexpaulson] 3,000m of varying distance running intervals this morning, all ran at my mile PR pace. About 23... source instagram.com comment
33 [@reebokwomen] True or False Sneakers work with any outfit. Hint Its True thisISclassic ZOKU RUNNER ULTK FADE Now available on Re... source instagram.com comment
34 [@christmasabbott] Once you do, anything is possible... source instagram.com comment
35 [@tiaclair1] I have been overwhelmed with joy in regards to the amount of people signing u... source instagram.com comment
36 [@crossfit] via @kaylebqball I started CrossFit when I was 10 and it's crazy how much I've changed Believe in the process because Cro... source instagram.com comment
37 [@reeboknordics] Reach for your goals and let your soul shine. reeboknordics MorningRun Run BestSelf GoalDigger BeMoreHuman run w... source instagram.com comment
38 [@suchafittykitty] Chillin' with the rooftop w @rustyrooftop Shot by @tonybarnesjr.photography model california tattoo inke... source instagram.com comment
39 [@beastitlikebecca] She turned her can'ts into cans her dreams into plans teamDTown @dto... source instagram.com comment
40 [@crossfitgames] Rookie CrossFit Games athlete @jasoncarroll89 finished sixth in the Cyclocross event at the 2017 Games. Carrol... source instagram.com comment
41 [@crossfitaffiliates] Jeff Bruce, U.S. Army Sergeant and CrossFit coach, doing his 911... source instagram.com comment
42 [@crossfitgames] Will individual qualifiers emerge from this group of CrossFitTeens 1617 di... source instagram.com comment
43 [@ooohbabybeast] WOD Nasty Girls V1 3 Rounds For Time of.. 50 air squats 7 ring muscle... source instagram.com comment
44 [@suchafittykitty] What it looks like when you're done giving a fuck Loved my... source instagram.com comment
45 [@elijahezmuhammad] What 240 SALE going down on Lift Heavy Often tees crops RIGHT NOW. New designs Head over to my site to check it... source instagram.com comment
46 [@crossfitgames] @jenheil, 19th in the Teenage Girls 1415 division at the 2017 Reeb... source instagram.com comment
47 [@crossfit] Jason Cooper @getfitdiehard has seen things he wishes he could unsee. In his professional life as a registered nurse and i... source instagram.com comment
48 [@laurenfisher] The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for new... source instagram.com comment
49 [@elijahezmuhammad] Go follow @vitaminshoppe because tomorrow I will be taking over their IG giving a full da... source instagram.com comment
50 [@chynacho] WHY ARE 5x5'S SO HARD ... source instagram.com comment
51 [@crossfittraining] WODScale TUESDAY 170912 Hang power clean 333... source instagram.com comment
52 [@crossfit] Jennifer McArdle, @crossfitreach Workout of the Day Tuesday 170912 Hang power clean 3333333 reps Post loads to comments.... source instagram.com comment
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